Pasay City Cockpit: Experience the traditional way of sabong

The Pasay City Cockpit is a well-known cultural landmark in Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines, and is recognized for hosting traditional events. Among these is the culturally significant practice of cockfighting, which has deep historical roots in the region. This activity, often accompanied by a festive atmosphere and community gatherings, plays a part in local traditions and has a rich history connected to rituals of bravery and honor.

While the sport of cockfighting is controversial and faces significant ethical debates, it remains a part of the local heritage, reflecting its complex role within the cultural fabric of the area.

Pasay City Cockpit Schedule 2024

The Pasay City Cockpit operates regularly, hosting cockfighting events nearly every day. Here is a selection of upcoming events for 2024.

Date Event Type Prize/Allowance Host
April 30, 2024 BB PCCA 5-Cock Team Event
May 16, 2024 6-Cock 1.5M PHP
May 21, 2024 5-Bullstag  1.0M PHP Mang Nick
May 23, 2024 5-Cock Thursday Club derby 1.0M PHP + derby allowance

Schedules are subject to change. To confirm event details or to find additional listings, please contact the Pasay City Cockpit directly.

Compete Sabong at Pasay City Cockpit

To compete in Sabong at the Pasay City Cockpit, you can follow these steps based on the information provided in the sources:

  1. Visit the Pasay City Cockpit: The Pasay City Cockpit is located at 168 Arnaiz Ave, Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines.
  2. Check the Schedule: Ensure you know the cockfighting events schedule at the Pasay City Cockpit.
  3. Prepare Your Rooster: If you intend to compete, make sure your rooster is well-bred and trained for the event. The World Slasher Cup, Derby, and Bakbakan are some of the prestigious tournaments held at Pasay City Cockpit that you can aim to participate in.
  4. Understand the Competition: Cockfighting matches are intense, and roosters are equipped with sharp gaffs for fair and even fights. The competitions are highly competitive, especially in tournaments like the World Slasher Cup, the Derby, and the Bakbakan.
  5. Participate in the Tournament: Once you are prepared and have your rooster ready, you can enter the competition at the Pasay City Cockpit. These tournaments attract enthusiasts from all over the country and even globally, making them significant events in the cockfighting world.
  6. Enjoy the Experience: Whether you are a seasoned cockfighting enthusiast or a curious visitor, competing in Sabong at Pasay City Cockpit offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Filipino culture and experience the thrill of this traditional sport.

Remember to always research the specific requirements and regulations of the event you plan to enter. Cockfighting can be a controversial topic, so be prepared for its intensity and ensure you understand the ethical considerations involved.

Minimum Betting at Pasay City Cockpit

The minimum bet of ₱5,500 for a special event at the Pasay City Cockpit Arena on March 21, 2024, indicates several factors influencing betting amounts.  Event type is significant, with prestigious tournaments often requiring higher minimum bets.  The event’s betting structure and economic conditions can also affect minimum bet levels.  For the most accurate information on minimum bets for specific events, it’s advisable to consult the Pasay City Cockpit website and social media pages or contact the venue directly.  It’s important to note that minimum bets serve as a guideline, and actual betting patterns may vary depending on the dynamic of the fights and individual bettors’ decisions.

Seating Capacity and Structure of Pasay City Cockpit

The Pasay City Cockpit is a significant cockfighting venue in Pasay City, Metro Manila.  It boasts a 2,500-spectator capacity, modern amenities, and the ability to host 500 birds. This venue is equipped with CCTVs for safety and to ensure humane practices. It is known for prestigious tournaments like the World Slasher Cup, the Derby, and the Bakbakan, making it a major destination for cockfighting enthusiasts worldwide.

Rules and Regulations at Pasay City Cockpit

The Pasay City Cockpit has strict rules and regulations to ensure safety, fairness, and legal compliance during cockfighting matches. While specifics might change for events like the World Slasher Cup, here are typical guidelines:

  1. Roosters must be handled carefully and respectfully to ensure their well-being and safety during matches.
  2. Roosters are equipped with sharp gaffs to ensure fair and even fights. The use of gaffs is regulated to prevent unnecessary harm to the birds.
  3. Matches must be conducted fairly, and cheating or tampering are prohibited. Any form of unfair advantage is typically prohibited.
  4. Spectators must adhere to the rules and maintain decorum during matches to ensure a safe and orderly environment.
  5. Safety measures, such as the presence of CCTVs and trained staff, are in place to monitor matches and ensure they are conducted safely and humanely.
  6. Cockfighting venues like Pasay City Cockpit must comply with legal regulations and licensing requirements to operate within the bounds of the law.
  7. Betting activities are typically regulated to prevent illegal gambling and ensure transparency in the betting process.

These rules and regulations aim to uphold the integrity of cockfighting matches, protect the welfare of the roosters, and provide a safe and enjoyable experience for participants and spectators at the Pasay City Cockpit.


The Pasay City Cockpit is an iconic venue that plays a pivotal role in preserving the traditional practice of cockfighting in the Philippines, a sport with deep historical roots. While cockfighting continues to be debated ethically, it is an integral part of the local culture, providing insight into the community’s heritage and rituals. The cockpit is managed with rigorous regulations that ensure safety, fairness, and adherence to legal standards.

For those interested in exploring this unique cultural practice, the Pasay City Cockpit offers an educational perspective on a tradition that is both ancient and vibrant. Still, it’s also important to approach it with an understanding of the associated controversies.

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