Pitmaster Live Sabong | Top-Tier Cockfighting Provider in PH

Pitmaster Live sabong has been used by many licensed online sabong platforms for local Filipinos on betting in sabong online. Pitmaster sabong provider is already well-established and rooted in Filipino culture, which is why it has remained the best sabong online over the years and has grown in popularity across the country. It offered features like fast cash in and cash out, multiple derby options, and streams from an online sabong licensed app.

Pitmaster Sabong Legacy in Online Cockfighting

Many online sabong fans considered Pitmaster the undisputed champion. They weren’t just a popular platform; they were part of a select group of legitimate online sabong providers in the country. The fact that a big name in gambling, Atong Ang, owned Pitmaster further solidified their reputation and trust among players. It’s no surprise, then, that Pitmaster became the go-to platform for many online sabong enthusiasts.

Part of Pitmaster’s success was their commitment to quality. They consistently delivered high-level online sabong experiences. Additionally, they offered a variety of derby options, catering to sabongeros with different budgets and preferences. But that’s not all. Pitmaster was known to have backup partnerships with other platforms. This meant that even if the main hosts faced technical issues, players wouldn’t miss out on the action. These features all contributed to Pitmaster’s top-tier status in the online sabong world.

Benefits of Betting at Pitmaster Live Sabong

Here’s why Pitmaster is the perfect place for your next sabong adventure:

We understand that Pitmaster was a favorite for many, and they strive to offer a similar level of quality and excitement:

Pitmaster Variety of Sabong Events for Every Platform

Pitmaster offers a diverse selection of sabong events to cater to every sabong platform’s preference and budget. Choose from the fast-paced excitement of 3-cock derbies, test your skills in the strategic 8-cock derbies, or go all in for the ultimate challenge with the high-stakes All-Star Invitational.

Here’s a taste of what awaits you:

3-Cock Derby (For the Novice Sabongero)

Perfect for a quick adrenaline rush, these derbies offer intense competition with a lower entry fee. Entry fee is 2,000 with a minimum bet of 3,500. Champions take home a whopping 20,000 each!

8-Cock Derby (For the Wise Sabongero)

Test your knowledge and strategy in these longer derbies. With a wider range of competitors, the excitement builds as the tournament progresses. Get in on the action with a 50,000 entry fee (no minimum bet required).

12-Cock Derby - All-Star Invitational (For Expert and Skilled)

For the true sabong aficionados, this high-roller event boasts a guaranteed prize pool and the chance to compete against the best. This prestigious event boasts a 220,000 entry fee (no minimum bet) and a guaranteed prize pool of 20 million pesos!


Looking for daily events? Check out WPC and WPC2028, offering a total of 354 fights across categories A, B, and C.  WPC2028 throws in an 8-cock derby for good measure.

Play Pitmaster Live Sabong at Sabong Live PH Philippines

For many sabong enthusiasts, Pitmaster was a haven for high-quality online cockfighting entertainment. The provider’s popularity soared thanks to its reliable live streams, diverse event options, and user-friendly interface. Today, there many sabongeros searching for a new platform that can captures the same level of excitement and convenience of land based sabungan.

At Sabong Live PH, every sabungeros can experience sabong excitement. The website has a lot to offer sabong matches with an exclusive welcome bonus! They guarantee a secure, exciting, and rewarding sabong experience that will leave you crowing with joy!

Feature Sabong Live PH
Status Licensed and operational
Live Streams High-quality
Event Variety Daily and Monthly Sabong Events
Payment Options Gcash, Maya (Paymaya), +50 more
Welcome Bonus YES


Pitmaster Sabong’s legacy lives on as a testament to the features that online sabong enthusiasts value most. While searching for a Pitmaster provider platform, remember the features that made Pitmaster great: quality streams, event variety, secure betting, and convenience. Sabong Platforms like Sabong Live PH offer Pitmaster sabong events or matches, keeping the sabong fun alive!

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